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About Renee Brown


Renee Brown, a New York-based emerging artist delved into hyper-realism while attending the Hartford Art School. Brown earned her BFA in painting with a minor in art history. In 2016 she was the first recipient of the Helen Charleton Scholarship for her work in portraiture. Brown's work was included in the Five Point Gallery 2017 juried Biennial, the New York Academy SURP Exhibition, and the Contemporary Portrait juried exhibition at the East End Art Gallery on Long Island where she received an honorable mention.

Artist Statement

As a lifelong resident of Long Island, I’m often inspired by the beautiful landscape and wildlife around me. I Love the rich woods, serene marshlands, and vast fields. One foot into some of these places feels like entering a new world. I’ve also studied birds since I was a child. That connection inspires me and seeps into my paintings. They often represent my emotions, and my mental state at the time.  The peaceful landscapes and powerful wildlife soaring around me allow me to disconnect and melt away. I hope to capture those moments where I can find tranquility and invite others to feel the same way


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