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About Renee Brown


Renee Brown, a New York based emerging artist delved into hyper-realism while attending the Hartford Art School. Brown earned her BFA in painting with a minor in art history. In 2016 she was the first recipient of the Helen Charleton Scholarship for her work in portraiture. Brown's work was included in the Five Point Gallery 2017 juried Biennial, New York Academy SURP Exhibition, and the Contemporary Portrait juried exhibition at the East End Art Gallery on Long island where she received an honorable mention.

Artist Statement

I am attracted to drawing the human figure, specifically portraiture. Portraits are extremely challenging subject matter due to the individuality of each face, the symmetry of the features and most importantly to me, the desire to capture someone's character. I’ve worked for years to polish my technical ability to render something photorealistic. I consider my work both hyper realistic and photorealistic as the line that separates them is extremely thin. Hyperrealism is a very modern term to describe a style of representational work that amplifies the detail and pushes the work past reality. There is a balance between pushing the image beyond the photo while maintaining the naturalistic qualities of the individual.

My process involves an intimate investigation of form and color. I consider how color behaves in relation to its surroundings. When painting skin, I work with two layers of oil paint. I paint the first layer of color with a thin amount of paint as a foundation. Then I take my fine detail brushes and make thicker more expressionistic marks that become dark spots, birth marks and pores.

It's important for me to have a connection with my models which is why I paint my friends and family. I find I get to know someone on a personal and minuscule level. Although I already have a close relationship with the model, I’m interested in the relationship that can be formed with them and the viewer through my painting.


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